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Novion Natural Asset Management Platform

Novion Asset Management Metrics

Manage your city's natural assets with our comprehensive platform which helps you track inventory, assess conditions, plan budgets, and drive decisions on future development

Eco Friendly Buildings


Capital Planning

Our platform helps you develop detailed capital plans, prioritize investments, and allocate resources effectively


Condition Assessment

Monitor the condition, lifespan, and lifecycle of your natural assets. We help you understand asset health and predict maintenance needs, enabling proactive maintenance and risk mitigation.


Inventory Management

Easily create and maintain an up-to-date inventory of all your natural assets, including trees, lakes, and green infrastructure.


Service Valuation

Evaluate the economic and ecological value of your natural assets. Our platform helps you put a dollar amount on the benefits provided by your natural infrastructure

AI Imaging Technology

Our AI imaging technology analyzes aerial images to automatically identify, assess, and monitor natural assets

​Our AI can automatically help you

  • Identify and label your assets

  • Assess the condition of your assets

  • Quantify your assets

  • Track changes year over year

New Westminster AI Image Assessment

Example Use Case: Loss of Vegetation Detection

Stanley Park Satellite 1
Stanley Park Satellite 1
Green Roofs

The Benefits of Natural Asset Management for Capital Planning and Climate Resiliency

Natural Asset Management (NAM) is becoming increasingly important for cities aiming to enhance their climate resiliency and ensure sustainable urban development. By integrating natural assets into capital planning, cities can maintain high levels of service while fostering environmental sustainability. Here’s why NAM is crucial and how it can transform urban planning

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