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Protecting our planet

Building smarter, greener, and more resilient infrastructure for a sustainable future.

How we started

Novion was born out of our extensive experience in the capital planning and asset management space. We recognized a critical gap: natural assets were not being managed with the same rigor as built assets. The lack of quantitative data and careful management of these precious resources inspired us to take action.

We founded Novion to bring the principles of asset management and capital planning to the stewardship of our environment. Our mission is to ensure that natural assets, which provide invaluable services to the livability and sustainability of our communities, are managed with the utmost care and precision.

Vancouver BC urban view
Vancouver BC Beach

About Novion

Located in Vancouver, Canada. Novion is an environmental services company specializing in environmental monitoring and asset management software solutions.Our mission is clear: to empower cities to make informed decisions for future development and climate resiliency.

Our Mission

We are committed to promoting climate resiliency and environmental stewardship through innovative technology and expert consulting.


Our goal is to help our clients sustainably manage their natural assets and ensure the well-being of their communities for generations to come.

City with green gardens and natural assets

Passionate about making cities more sustainable?

We're always on the lookout for innovative thinkers and doers

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