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Your Environmental Monitoring Partner

We can help you set-up any environmental monitoring solution with ease. With our turnkey environmental monitoring services, you don't need to worry about any technical details or hiring additional staff. Just tell us want you want monitored, and we'll handle the rest.

Novion Climate Intelligence Platform

An online platform and service to monitor the performance of your assets

Novion Climate Intelligence Platform

Real-time Performance Data

Access real-time data on your assets' performance, enabling you to plan, build, and optimize the performance of your assets.

Report Generation

Automatically generate detailed reports without the hassle of manual number crunching. Our platform transforms complex data into clear, actionable insights.

Asset Inventory

Our asset inventory system allows you to maintain a detailed record of all your assets, simplifying management and enhancing operational efficiency.

Automated Alerts

Receive alerts for critical environmental thresholds, such as flooding or other environmental changes. Our platform ensures you are informed and ready to respond effectively.

How we work

Data Collection For All Environments

Novion's monitoring solutions can collect data with any sensors

Air Quality

Water Quality

Water Flow and Level

Soil Moisture

Noise Pollution

And more..

Why work with us


No technical expertise required


Complete Installation, Set-Up, and On-going  Battery Changes


Accurate and Reliable Data Collection


Data is readily available online


Reports Generated Automatically

Over 50 sites monitored

Start monitoring today

Partner with Novion on your environmental monitoring program. Just tell us what you want monitored and we'll handle the rest!

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