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All Your Green InfrastructureManaged in One Place

With one unified vision of your entire portfolio of assets, Novion makes it easier than ever to manage and monitor each asset and inform decisions around optimization, maintenance, capital planning, and policy making.

Green Roofs
Green Roofs
Storm Drain
Storm Drains
Permeable Pavement
Permeable Pavements
Filtration Pond
Filtration Ponds
Green Streets
Green Streets

A Complete Green Infrastructure Management Solution

Novion takes out the guesswork that comes with setting up a management solution so that you can focus on decision making

Green Roofs

Make Decisions Faster Than Ever

For the first time, public officials can monitor green assets across their entire city with ease

Low Technical Barrier

We handle all of the technical

set-up and data processing so you can focus on your work.

Fast and Accurate

Drastically cut labor and costs by eliminating site visits

Easily Scalable

Quick deployment and a seamless interface enables mass management

City Garden

Learn how you can monitor your green infrastructure now

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